Saturday, December 24, 2011


Dulux ICI Mural Art Project is a collaboration of Warna Art with BBH Singapore for Dulux's factory located at Nilai,N.Sembilan. The concept of the project as a advertisement concept 'Start Fresh' campaign on Dulux ICI new paint products.The durations of the project are 5 Days in December 2011 which also been participated by Dulux CEO/Manager and also the staffs.This project was successful futhermore will be continue in Singapore and maybe all over Asia Pacific.

Warna Art Studio also was appointed by Dulux ICI to produce Mural Art Painting for advertisement purpose in their new campaign 'Start Fresh' in the KUL Graffiti event at KL river Central Market which was also sponsored by Dulux ICI etc.The durations of the project was 2 Days in February 2012 which will be continued all around Malaysia.




The Avare Art Project is a private project for our Singaporean client at the Avare Condo,a private 5 star condominium nearby KLCC. The duration of the project begins January and ends February 2011. Warna Art Studio was appointed by Sewa Seni Sdn Bhd,an Art Dealer company which is active in art business at Kuala Lumpur and Singapore; the entire project is an interesting make over for the interior in client's house(cycling wall) which focusing on FengShui concept interior. In making of the project we designing, painting, and airbrushing for the entire cycling wall of the house, which is one of our success project with artistic creativity outlooks.